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Author: Jackie Kay
To: The ROS release mailing list
Subject: [ros-release] Kinetic Release Update: countdown to desktop-full
Here's the set of remaining packages for the milestone of releasing
desktop-full in Kinetic, with status updates:

gazebo_ros_pkgs (blocked by ros_control, control_toolbox; Bence and co. are
almost done)
perception_pcl (Paul is working on it)
rqt_common_plugins (Dirk is fixing Qt5 problems)
rqt_robot_plugins (needs rqt_common_plugins)
stage_ros (William committed to releasing it today)

I set April 25th as the deadline for desktop-full, which is coming up on
Monday. This goal is achievable but it will be close. So, let us know if
you need a hand with whatever is needed for the release (e.g. debugging
dependency issues in Xenial).

Thank you to all the maintainers who have made releases for Kinetic so far!

As a heads up to those affected by it, Tully is also pushing to get the
Turtlebot stack released and building packages on ARM.


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