[ros-release] Kinetic release is imminent

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Author: Jackie Kay
To: The ROS release mailing list
Subject: [ros-release] Kinetic release is imminent
Hey folks,

We're fast approaching the initial release of Kinetic on May 23rd!

Unless there are major issues that crop up, we will not delay the release.

If you want your package to be in Kinetic, especially if you have API
changes to a library offered by your package, please try to get your
release in by the end of today.

Starting Monday morning Pacific time, I will plan to do the following:
- Audit packages that fail on ARM and Debian Jessie and blacklist them
(please contact me if you would like your package blacklisted, or
un-blacklisted, for these platforms)
- Launch a sync to main
- Update and fix up wiki documentation

Please test your packages and documentation (on Xenial, Wily, or even
Jessie, through a VM or Docker) after they become available from binaries.

Thanks for your help with the release effort!

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