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Author: YUHONG_LIN via ros-users
To: ros-users
Subject: [ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [General] ROS Developers LIVE-Class

### ROS Developers LIVE-Class #38

**How to create a ROS Service in C++**



In this class we are going to see how to use ROS services for the control of robots. When to use them and how to implement them.

**You will learn:**

What is a ROS service

How to create a ROS service using C++ (ROS service server)

How to call a ROS service (ROS service Client)

How to use a ROS service in a practical example

(view all live classes: [http://www.theconstructsim.com/ros-developers-live-class-develop-with-ros/ ](http://www.theconstructsim.com/ros-developers-live-class-develop-with-ros/))


### ROS Developers LIVE-Class #39

**How to create a ROS Action Server**



In this class, we are going to see how to use C++ to build a ROS action server that makes a drone move to a certain location every time the action server is called. We will spot the difference between action server and ROS service.

**You will learn:**

What is a ROS Action and how it is different from ROS Service

Make an Action Server which receives 3D position coordinates and moves a drone to that position

Run the Action server

Echo and Publish to various topics provided by our Action Server


### ROS Developers LIVE-Class #40

**Domain randomization with ROS, Gazebo and Fetch | part 1**

Live streaming date: December 4, 2018 | 18:00 CET



In this class, we are going to see how to reproduce the results of the famous paper "Domain Randomization for Transferring Deep Neural Networks from Simulation to the Real World" with Fetch robot, using ROS and Gazebo simulation.

**You will learn:**

What is domain randomization

How to implement it in Gazebo using a world plugin

How the whole pipeline works: from training the vision system to making the robot grasp the spam object

How to create the dataset to train the visual system using simulation images


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