[Ros-release] how about a single issue tracker?

Patrick Mihelich mihelich at willowgarage.com
Thu Dec 8 22:48:18 UTC 2011


On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 2:35 PM, Brian Gerkey <gerkey at willowgarage.com>wrote:

> hi maintainers,
> We have many issue trackers for ROS software.  It all started with the
> way that we originally structured the code.  We wanted a separation
> between the plumbing (the 'ros' repo), the generic capabilities
> ('ros-pkg') and the Willow/PR2-specific capabilities ('wg-ros-pkg').
> As is commonly done, we created a Trac for each repo.  Now, with code
> stored in approximately 100 repositories, there are trackers at
> code.ros.org, kforge.ros.org, github, googlecode, and pretty much
> every other hosting site.
> This situation is confusing to users.  E.g., if I find a bug in tf,
> should I file a ticket at the 'ros-pkg' Trac, using the 'geometry'
> component (which is what the geometry wiki page recommends) or should
> I use the kforge 'geometry' Trac (because I know that that's where the
> code actually lives), which has open tickets in it?  How about
> graph_mapping?  The wiki page (http://ros.org/wiki/graph_mapping)
> doesn't have a "report bugs" link.  The code is in 'ros-pkg', so maybe
> I should use the 'ros-pkg' Trac, but then there's no 'graph_mapping'
> component in that Trac.  It's also inconvenient for developers; I need
> to query and aggregate from several different trackers to get a
> picture of my open tickets.
> Also, each tracker is configured differently from the next, and
> different sets of credentials are required to file bugs against
> different parts of the ecosystem.
> Enough motivation; you get the point.  Federated development makes
> sense; but federated bug-tracking, I think, does not.
> A modest proposal: we create a single unified issue tracker for ROS
> software.  Rough draft:
> * agree on a tracker system (would be a minor holy war, but not insoluble)
> * host it at ros.org
> * authenticate via OpenID (like ROS Answers)
> * create a component/module for each released stack
> * create components/modules for unreleased stacks as requested
> * change (simplify) the wiki to offer a single "report bugs" link that
> can appear on every page
> * wherever feasible, move open tickets from legacy trackers into the new
> one
> Thoughts?
>        brian.
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