[Ros-release] Build failures for camera1394 on Groovy

Vincent Rabaud vrabaud at willowgarage.com
Thu Feb 28 03:05:02 UTC 2013

I did not run a pre-release on that one as the only solution was indeed to
remove that runtime rostest dependency (to prevent the catkin error). It
being the right solution does not mean it had no consequence so I apologize.

We thought about a solution for rospack with Dirk but if possible, patch
camera1394 the right way by adding a rostest dependency for now. Or even
better, catkinize it :p. Thx.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Jack O'Quin <jack.oquin at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 12:44 PM, Vincent Rabaud <vrabaud at willowgarage.com
> > wrote:
>> ok, not sure but this is my guess:
>> - the error is happening when parsing your manifest.xml: recursively, a
>> dependency is not found (rostest)
>> - now, this is really weird because none of your dependencies (that are
>> wet/catkinized btw) depends on rostest
> Thanks, Vincent. I totally misunderstood the problem.
> I looked into your log and added debug comments to rospack and it seems
>> that the bug is from
>> https://github.com/ros/rospkg/blob/master/src/rospkg/manifest.py#L383:
>> dependencies are considered to be an aggregation of build+runtime. In your
>> case, none of the depencies run_depend on rostest (but they build_depend).
>> Therefore it does not get installed but it's sought for. Therefore, it
>> crashes.
>> BTW, you should depend on rostest too, as you call the macros yourself :)
> So it should. Not sure why that was working in Fuerte.
> I have a guess as to why it suddenly started failing in Groovy. It seems
> you recently released a new image_common, version 1.10.3, which
> includes camera_info_manager changes to eliminate a rostest error message
> and get those unit tests working again under catkin. In image_common
> 1.10.0, camera_info_manager did have a rostest run_depend (which was
> causing an error message).
> If that is correct, why did the pre-release tests not detect that
> camera1394 had broken as a side-effect?
> Don't the pre-release tests still build and test all dependent packages,
> like they used to?
> --
>  joq
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