[Ros-release] rosdoc_lite branches and Hydro documentation

Jack O'Quin jack.oquin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 27 17:12:17 UTC 2013

I noticed that rosdoc_lite does not document itself on Hydro, and thought:
"I'll just add it to the Hydro doc.yaml in rosdistro".

Then I noticed there is no hydro-devel branch, although the groovy-devel
branch has been released to Hydro. I can add that branch to the Hydro
doc.yaml, but it feels screwy, so I thought I'd better ask.

It appears that Jenkins checks out the groovy-devel branch from source when
running the Hydro wiki doc update jobs. Why doesn't it install the
ros-hydro-rosdoc-lite Debian package?

Do we really want per-distro sources for a ros-infrastructure package like
this? Aren't they intended to be distro-independent? The only Hydro package
ros-hydro-rosdoc-lite depends on is ros-hydro-genmsg, which in turn depends
on catkin. Maybe that explains the oddity, but I don't quite understand
what's going on, or the reasons behind it. Genmsg also has a groovy-devel
branch, but no hydro-devel.

I offered to help maintain rosdoc_lite, but can't get my mind around how it
is supposed to fit in.

So, what is the branching and release policy for ros-infrastructure

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