[Ros-release] need help figuring out why this pre-release test fails

Jack O'Quin jack.oquin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 22:44:15 UTC 2013

On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 5:33 PM, Dirk Thomas <dthomas at osrfoundation.org>wrote:

> Hi Jack,
> I built and ran the tests locally and get exactly the same results as on
> the farm.
> Six junit files generated, `catkin_test_results` reports eight tests with
> four of them failing.
> You see "more" tests than you expect since each grouping level (rostest
> around a set of rosunit) has to generate its own result file.
> Why do the tests fail for me and on the farm but not for you?
> After taking a look to the test files of velodyne_height_map it looks like
> they are using test data which is not available when the dependencies are
> installed form Debians.
> E.g. $(find velodyne_pointcloud)/tests/**class.pcap in
> heightmap_node_hz.test
> Your package seems to only download its own testdata but not the other
> stuff.
> Your are likely running the tests locally on top of the dependencies from
> source for which you have ran the tests before and therefore have the
> additional test data available.


Thanks very much for the help, Dirk!
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