[Ros-release] Expect failure messages from jenkins

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Wed Jun 19 22:04:52 UTC 2013

Package maintainers,

I'm sorry to write this but we've encountered a bug in Jenkins which is
causing packages not to be triggered in the right order.

The issue is here:

If you wish you can login and express a preference that it be fixed soon by
voting for it or marking it to be watched. It has been open for several
months already. We're not sure why it just started happening to us, but
it's happening on about 100 of the core jobs.  And consequently the
downstream jobs are being built out of order.

 I paused the buildfarm earlier today to see if we can fix the issue
quickly. However it appears that this will not be possible.  Our farm will
be able to overcome this through iterating, but unfortunately when things
are built out of order it will send the notification emails.  At the bottom
of the log you will see something like this example.  For now please check
that this error is there, and if so you can ignore it.  Any other errors
please look closer.  The key phrase to know that it is this error is
"Dependencies not satisfied".

package ros-hydro-eigen-conversions does not have dependency
Dependencies not satisfied for packages: ['ros-hydro-orocos-kdl']
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
Build step 'Groovy Postbuild' marked build as failure
Build step 'Groovy Postbuild' marked build as failure
Description set:

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