[ros-release] pointcloud_to_laserscan standalone package?

Jan Czarnowski jczarnowski at piap.pl
Fri Aug 1 07:20:52 UTC 2014

I recently found myself in need of some code for converting PointCloud2 
to LaserScan for my Velodyne clouds. Before migrating from fuerte to 
indigo, I have been using the pointcloud_to_laserscan package from 
turtlebot but I could not find any equivalent for Indigo. Therefore I 
ended up copying node's files from the turtlebot git fuerte tag, 
catkinizing the package and converting it to a standard node (instead of 
a nodelet). The results of that can be seen at Github repository 

Now I've got the idea that this kind of node could be useful for some 
other people and could be released as a standalone package. Should you 
decide that this is a good idea, I would gladly maintain this package 
and clean the code/add some features.

Kind regards,
Jan Czarnowski

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