[ros-release] Formerly ROS packages

Jose Luis Rivero jrivero at osrfoundation.org
Tue Dec 15 17:08:54 UTC 2015

On 12/15/2015 02:02 AM, Steven Peters wrote:
> A few packages that are important to ROS have been released into the
> official Debian and Ubuntu repositories, such as console_bridge,
> urdfdom_headers, and urdfdom. I would like to release new versions of
> these packages prior to Ubuntu X.
> Currently I'm planning to use the github.com <http://github.com> GUI to
> create a release from the master branch (with a Changelog of course). Am
> I correct that bloom is no longer used for these packages?

These packages are now treated as any other upstream software we use for
ROS (opencv, boost, ...) so you just need to release the sources with a
version tag.

Packaging work will be done downstream (debian, fedora, gentoo, ...)
instead of running bloom to generate packages in the ROS building farm.

Jose Luis Rivero <jrivero at osrfoundation.org>

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