[ros-release] Trouble with my released package

Fabian scheik.todeswache at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 22 11:53:51 UTC 2015


not sure if this is the right place to ask, but trying anyway.

I just released a package to ROS Indigo. Have seen now, that the package 
was added to shadow-fixed repositories.

So I added the shadow-fixed sources to the ros-latest.list and 
afterwards installed the package successfully.
I can now roscd to the package, but not run it with "rosrun package 
executable". There is no executable found.

Is there another setup.bash i have to source than the one in 
/opt/ros/indigo to work with a package from shadow-fixed repos? Although 
i don't think so, because i can successfull roscd into the package.

If i compile from source i can run executable with "rosrun 
md49_base_controller md49_base_controller", so executable is defined 
properly in CMakeLists.txt.

Any ideas or advice for a bleeding beginner?

Sincerely Fabian

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