[ros-release] Kinetic release update

Jackie Kay jackie at osrfoundation.org
Tue Apr 12 01:41:55 UTC 2016

*tl;dr*: April 25th is the deadline for desktop-full. Fix your failing jobs
on the farm or ask us to disable them. Check your repo's status on

*Release Deadline*
Today's update is brought to you by the metapackage "desktop-full".

desktop-full consists of the metapackages "desktop", "perception", and

After desktop-full is released into Kinetic, we can consider ourselves in
beta for Kinetic.

I would like to establish a deadline of April 25th for releasing

Here are the remaining packages that need to be released:


Maintainers of these packages (this includes me), let's get moving. If we
released 1 package per day, we would beat the deadline. It's important to
release early so that we can catch packaging errors on the farm.

*armhf, arm64, and Debian Jessie*
There are a lot of failing binary jobs on the farm right now. I believe all
of the failures are currently on armhf/arm64 platforms, Debian Jessie, or

To the maintainers of packages with failing jobs (this also includes me):

If your failing job is due to architectural differences on ARM, please
either address the problem or ask us to disable the armhf/arm64 build for
your repo.

If your failing job is due to missing package dependencies in Jessie,
please look into adding the correct rosdep keys or adding a backport for
missing dependencies. We do not have a way to blacklist packages in Debian
only, but luckily these issues are usually easier to identify and fix than
architecture differences.

And if at some point your package fails on all architectures and you don't
make efforts to fix it, I will blacklist it entirely because those emails
are really annoying to receive.

*Blocked Repos Webpage*
An intern at OSRF is working on a web interface for the
check_blocking_repos.py script announced on this list a few weeks ago.

You can test it here:

I encourage you to use it to figure out which packages are blocking your
package (or if you are blocking someone else's packages).

It's still in review and has a few minor improvements pending. If you find
issues with it, you can report them on

Your ROS boss,

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