[ros-users] Stereo_image_proc Reference Frame

David Lu!! davidlu at wustl.edu
Wed Apr 14 19:35:25 UTC 2010

Hey all,

I'm trying to run stereo_image_proc with two cameras. I have them set up so
that each camera has its own reference frame (left_eye and right_eye) that
indicate where each camera is pointed. However, when I run
stereo_image_proc, I get the following error message.
void image_geometry::StereoCameraModel::fromCameraInfo(const
sensor_msgs::CameraInfo&, const sensor_msgs::CameraInfo&): Assertion
`left_.tfFrame() == right_.tfFrame()' failed.
/path/to/ros/ros/bin/rosrun: line 35:   441 Aborted                 $exepath

What should my reference frames be? Both left_eye? Half way in between?

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