[ros-users] Installing ROS from source

Frederic Siepmann fsiepman at cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Apr 21 14:25:25 UTC 2010

Hello ROS-community,

I am trying to install ROS from source under ubuntu hardy and I was
wondering what it is all about with the log4cxx-10-stuff:

As I have no root access to the system (as I am not the admin) and I
have to build ros into an existing software tree. So I wonder why
rosinstall is asking for root privileges for an from source build.
Actually I already have the log4cxx version ROS is asking for installed
and it is in my PKG_CONFIG_PATH but still ros want's to build it and
install it with root priv...

So the question is: How can I tell rosinstall to use my already
installed deps such as log4cxx if not with the PKG_CONFIG_PATH or can I
tell rosinstall to actually build log4cxx to a location I want ?

Any help much appreciated.

Greetings from Germany

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