[ros-users] multi-robot co-coperation, relaying ros namespaces?

Rosen Diankov rosen.diankov at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 12:28:42 UTC 2010

dear ros-devs,

would it be possible to relay a namespace into a different namespace,
much like symbolic links work in file directories? there's many uses
of this like being able to switch the images+camera info+features used
for vision processes, however one interesting usage is controlling
multiple robots.

Currently we have a roscore running on every robot, and we would like
to keep it that way since this guarantees the internal modules
performing basic safety/avoidance/sensor queries continue to perform.
The issue arises when we want to have multiple robots interact within
the same framework. Obviously we want message shared between them, but
having a roscore running offboard the robots is not a good solution
since the robots should freely move around the environment (ie outside
the lab). Therefore, we would still like to have separate roscores per
robot.  However, when the robots come close to each other, they can it
would be great if one robot can 'mount' the root ros namespace of the
other robot's roscore, and vice versa. Although we haven't tried this,
it seems easily achievable with the rosmultimaster node and
functionality allowing namespaces to be relayed... what do people
think about this?


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