[ros-users] Walt Disney Imagineering Internship Opportunity

Madhani, Akhil J Akhil.J.Madhani at disney.com
Thu Apr 29 15:27:57 UTC 2010

Dear ROS users,

While I realize that summer is around the corner, we have recently been
able to open up a new internship position specifically focused on
investigating and using ROS in Disney applications.  Please see the
description below, or visit our posting on the Disney Careers website

Thank you,


Walt Disney Imagineering R&D is looking for a summer research associate
to help apply ROS to Disney robots.  At Imagineering, we develop
compelling and interactive robotic representations of Disney characters
that are actively used in Disney Theme Parks worldwide.  Our goal is to
advance the state-of-the-art of this form of storytelling through the
use of robotics technologies to increase believability, interactivity,
and autonomy.
The opportunity would involve applying/integrating ROS with one or more
robotic systems in our lab.  While other project areas will be
considered, our initial interests lie in the following areas:
*	Applying, and expanding if necessary, ROS kinematics and
simulation capabilities to support mechanical systems typical at Disney
*	Trajectory planning algorithms to support the transfer of film
(CG) animation to high-speed robotic systems subject to dynamic
*	Trajectory planning algorithms for autonomous generation of
expressive motion for communication and interaction
*	Infrastructure to support integration with Disney control/safety
software and hardware
*	MS or PhD candidate in a robotics-related field
*	Proficiency in C++ on Linux platforms
*	Experience developing ROS code, particularly at the framework
level, for real robots
To apply, we invite you to please submit your resume/CV and two
references to Akhil Madhani at akhil.j.madhani at disney.com

Akhil J. Madhani, PhD
Technical Staff - Director
Walt Disney Imagineering R&D 
1401 Flower St. 
Glendale, CA 91201 
Office: (818) 553-6839 
Cell: (818) 641-4481 
akhil.j.madhani at disney.com

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