[ros-users] ntp and multi-machines

Kevin Watts watts at willowgarage.com
Thu Apr 29 16:11:04 UTC 2010

For viewing diagnostics messages, it might be easier to use the
runtime_monitor (http://www.ros.org/wiki/runtime_monitor).

ntp_monitor runs "ntpdate -q <server>" and "ntpdate -q <hostname>" to check
against the host, and itself. If both of these commands work (and return 0),
ntp_monitor should give you the offset.

It sounds like "sudo ntpdate <host>" works, so this might be some kind of
configuration or permissions problem on your board.


On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 7:44 AM, Enea Scioni
<enea.scioni at student.unife.it>wrote:

> Hi all!
> After trying to use the navigation stack on my platform with success, and
> after discovered that unfortunately my embedded board that I use is too
> less
> powerful to run all the navigation stack, I'm trying to run on embedded
> board few nodes (driver nodes for my robot) and the "high-level" of
> navigation stack on my laptop.
> For do this, my laptop (where I run also the master) communicate as well on
> wireless with embedded board, and I launch all nodes using a .launch file,
> where I set up my driver nodes to run on remote machine.
> Nodes, parameters and everything is the same that I used for run everything
> on my laptop, and before I tried do control with keyboard, in remote way my
> robot, so (I guess) I don't have multi-machine problems.
> (But!) When I run the navigation stack, the move_base node can't start
> because it's waiting for an odom-map frame transform. Infact I receive the
> warning: \map frame doesn't exist. After check that map frame is not
> published (amcl should publish it), I checked the amcl node and I received
> the warning of 100% dropped on /odom message filter. Usually it means that
> there's something wrong in the tf stream, but the nodes and the naming
> "stuff" are the same that I used before (And they worked before). So I
> thought that probably it could be a time problem and I read that the pr2
> has
> a similar problem
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/pr2_computer_monitor#ntp_monitor.py , or in
> general,
> each robot that runs different nodes in different machines.
> So I would like to ask if somebody already had (and resolve) my same
> problem, and If the problem could be the different time.
> If yes, how can I use the ntp_monitor.py script? I took a look at
> pr2.launch
> file, in pr2_bringup package and I did the same in my launch file, but if I
> use rostopic echo diagnostics I receive 2 different messages: one of them,
> relative at my laptop ntp adjust, with "level 0", but the other one,
> relative at my embedded board, with level 2 (Error running ntpupdate). For
> the embedded board, I set up the host to my laptop, where an ntpd run as
> well, and If I try to run the command (in a bash shell in embedded board)
> "sudo ntpdate laptop", I'm able to upgrade the time, so the ntp server
> works.
> Thank you!!
> Greetings,
> Enea Scioni
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