[ros-users] erratic_player vs ua_erratic_player

Pablo Iñigo Blasco pibgeus at gmail.com
Fri Apr 30 15:17:48 UTC 2010

Hi ROS users.

I was wondering what's the difference between those packages. Both of them
have a wiki page but are empty.
- erratic_player has a little documented code API but I couldn't find the
package folder in the svn repository. Where is it?
- On the other hand the ua_erratic_player package is a more visible package
through google.code but has an undocumented code page.

Anyways I've added some documentation documentation to ua_erratic_player
(because I could see the source code). Are there any problem with this? :-)
Thanks for the ROS project, it's absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!


Pablo Iñigo Blasco.
Computer Architecture Department. University of Seville (Spain)
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