[ros-users] Dynamic Texture Loading in RVIZ, Dynamic Textures using OGRE

Osiloke Emoekpere osiloke_e at skuuled.com
Fri Apr 2 21:35:46 UTC 2010

*@josh ->* thanks for your reply and sorry for the caps
Sorry if i appeared to come out strong, i was only trying to highlight the
part i wanted
to focus on (did not know i was offending anyone).  The caps thing was of no
relevance to the
tone of "my voice".

i really like the operating system and i'm in the process of loving it.

Anyway, I did use ros_image_texture class at first then just created a
dynamic texture using a tutorial from ogre
but my problem was not creating the texture, it was applying the texture to
the marker object. I'm sure i did
something wrong. Anyway this is the flow of processes in my system:

I have a node which listens for obstacle detection information  and camera

When an obstacle is detected,via a service, that node uses the dimensions
received to crop the most recent image from the camera
and stores a marker and an image tagged with the position of that obstacle
in a hash map.

After that, the new marker is sent to rviz as an IMAGE PLANE

RVIZ receives the marker draws it and then sends a request to the image
processor worker thread (i modified rviz a little) like so

*line 388 in map_display.cpp*
if (marker)
  *//ROS_DEBUG("Calling get_obstacle_image: %ld , %s", (long
*  if(message->type == visualization_msgs::Marker::IMPLANE)*
* **  {*
* **  m_pQueue->AddJob(ImageJob(ImageJob::eID_THREAD_JOB, ptr_response,
* **  ROS_INFO("Pulling image");*
* **  }*


    if (message->lifetime.toSec() > 0.0001f)


The image processor requests the image from the obstacle detector node and
converts it to an ogre image (All this thread does is convert a sensor image
to an ogreimage)

When this is done, the image processor raises an event which alerts RVIZ
that there is a new image.
*Response received in rviz via*
*line 482 in marker_display.cpp*
void MarkerDisplay::AddPendingEvent(const ImageJob::tCOMMANDS& cmd, const
Ogre::TexturePtr&  arg,rviz::MarkerID sArg, int iArg)
  M_Namespace::iterator ns_it = namespaces_.find(sArg.first);
  if (ns_it == namespaces_.end())

  if (!ns_it->second.enabled)

  MarkerBasePtr marker;

  M_IDToMarker::iterator it = markers_.find( sArg );
  if ( it != markers_.end() )
    marker = it->second;

ROS_INFO("data %s",arg->getName().c_str());
*  *//cause render to effect changes to marker object
***             causeRender();*


RVIZ takes that image and applies to the marker it corresponds to (it is a
shape marker)

like so
in shape_marker.cpp
The dummy image is created when shape_marker is created in the constructor

std::stringstream ss;
ss << "SHAPETEX-h" << name;
texName = ss.str();
* **// Create the texture*
*     ** **texture_ = Ogre::TextureManager::getSingleton().createManual(*
* **texName, // name*
* **Ogre::ResourceGroupManager::DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME,*
* **Ogre::TEX_TYPE_2D,      // type*
* **256, 256,         // width & height*
* **0,                // number of mipmaps*
* **empty_image_.getFormat(),     // pixel format*
* **Ogre::TU_DYNAMIC_WRITE_ONLY_DISCARDABLE);      // usage; should be

In order to load the image into the texture and then apply it to the shapes
i do the following

I also tried the blitfromemory to copy the image data to the texture
(resulted in some garbled results and later caused a seg error)

void ShapeMarker::setTexture(const Ogre::Image &img)
        //I first deleted the existing texture if there was any
if (!texture_.isNull())
texture_ = Ogre::TextureManager::getSingleton().loadImage(texName,
       //Then loaded the texture like so
       //texture_(new Ogre::Texture());
        /// Testing. Apply Texture to Shape, i may be wrong here
Ogre::TexturePtr text_or(tex); //i thought copying it makes a difference
Ogre::MaterialPtr material_ = *shape_->getMaterial();//get material of
already existing shape*
ROS_INFO("Texture Applied %s", text_or->getName().c_str());

So these where the steps i took to try and create my system
Any input and criticisms would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation of your help
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