[ros-users] Include sensor_msgs/Imu.h

Leif Christensen leif.christensen at dfki.de
Thu Apr 8 09:31:48 UTC 2010

All the fiddeling around with export cflags and include folders draw my
attention away from the obious. So your guess was right, I only included
roscpp and std_msgs as depends in my manifest... *sigh*

Thank you very much,

Brian Gerkey schrieb:
> hi Leif,
> If message headers are going into msg_gen/cpp, then you must be using
> ROS 1.1.x (or ros/trunk), which is unstable, and not recommended.
> Having said that, it should work.  Concurrent with the change of
> location for the message headers is a little magic in rospack that
> auto-generates appropriate -I flags when it finds that message headers
> were put into msg_gen/cpp.  Eventually, it will not be necessary to
> export anything in manifests for including message headers; forgetting
> or mistyping these exports has consistently been a source of bugs.
> Off-hand, I would guess that your package doesn't depend on
> sensors_msgs; i.e., you're missing this line from your package's
> manifest:
>   <depend package="sensor_msgs"/>
> If that's not the problem, then post back with verbose build output, e.g.:
>   make VERBOSE=1
>     brian.

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