[ros-users] image_pipeline 1.0.1 released

Adam Leeper aleeper at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 15 22:42:02 UTC 2010

At line 369  of cameracalibrator.py I have:
    def on_mouse(self, event, x, y, flags, param):
        if event == cv.CV_EVENT_LBUTTONDOWN:
            if self.goodenough:
                if 180 <= y < 280:
            if self.calibrated:
                if 280 <= y < 380:
                elif 380 <= y < 480:

And at line 402 of cameracalibrator.py I have:
    def buttons(self, display):
        x = self.displaywidth
        self.button(cv.GetSubRect(display, (x,180,100,100)),
"CALIBRATE", self.goodenough)
        self.button(cv.GetSubRect(display, (x,280,100,100)), "SAVE",
        self.button(cv.GetSubRect(display, (x,380,100,100)), "COMMIT",

If the input images are 320x240, then the whole window is only 240
pixels high, so all those button areas are out of range.

The error is:

OpenCV Error: Incorrect size of input array () in cvGetSubRect, file
line 1251
Exception in thread Thread-8:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/threading.py", line 525, in __bootstrap_inner
  File "/home/aleeper/ros/stacks/image_pipeline/camera_calibration/nodes/cameracalibrator.py",
line 59, in run
  File "/home/aleeper/ros/stacks/image_pipeline/camera_calibration/nodes/cameracalibrator.py",
line 259, in handle_stereo
    self.redraw_stereo(lscrib, rscrib, lrgb, rrgb)
  File "/home/aleeper/ros/stacks/image_pipeline/camera_calibration/nodes/cameracalibrator.py",
line 454, in redraw_stereo
  File "/home/aleeper/ros/stacks/image_pipeline/camera_calibration/nodes/cameracalibrator.py",
line 404, in buttons
    self.button(cv.GetSubRect(display, (x,180,100,100)), "CALIBRATE",


Adam Leeper
Stanford University
aleeper at stanford.edu

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Patrick Mihelich
<mihelich at willowgarage.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 9:21 PM, Adam Leeper <aleeper at stanford.edu> wrote:
>> I use a pre-built boxturtle install for most of ROS, but I checked out
>> an SVN-based version of "latest" so I could try the fixes.
>> ~/rosinstall ~/ros http://ros.org/rosinstalls/latest_pr2.rosinstall
> That actually gets you the latest (unstable) development release of
> image_pipeline, 1.1.2. You can replace "latest" with "boxturtle", or check
> out https://code.ros.org/svn/ros-pkg/stacks/image_pipeline/tags/boxturtle
> directly.
> But it sounds like you'll still have trouble with 1.0.1, see below...
>> I still get an error related to the button sizes, and it looks like
>> that part of the code is unchanged from the previous version...
> I don't know what this problem is, can you be more specific?
>> I'm pretty sure I have the new file though, because now I had to
>> comment out the part about "Wait for set_camera_info service at
>> startup, error if it doesn't become available (#3977)." since I don't
>> have a service running.
> In the development release you checked out you can disable the check with
> the "--no-service-check" option. I didn't include that option in 1.0.1
> because strictly speaking camera_calibration requires the set_camera_info
> service, but maybe I should relax that requirement.
> Due to a problem in the service check code (#3989) I'll have to do a 1.0.2
> release, but I'd like to know what your button size error is first.
> Cheers,
> Patrick
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