[ros-users] Request for guidance

Sam Quintanar robosq at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 6 04:02:39 UTC 2010


Coming from a Microsoft Robotics Studio Windows-based development world, I'd like some guidance concerning my robotics development setup on an Ubuntu computer.

I'm migrating from Windows to Ubuntu for robotics purposes and I've never used a Linux system.

I'd like to start out with good choices concerning development tools (for C/C++ (?!)).

I'm certain the original ROS developers have a certain setup and I wouldn't mind replicating that setup.

I scanned the ROS Developers Guide (nice!), but I need to know:

1.- What is the recommended Linux-based code editor and compiler to use with ROS?  

(Emacs with Emacs Code Browser (http://ecb.sourceforge.net/) and CEDET (http://cedet.sourceforge.net/) ?)
2- Is there a recommended Linux-based C++ IDE to use? Should I even use an IDE? (Code::Block?)

3- Are 2 monitors recommended instead of one?

4- What did, or currently do the original developers of ROS use as their software development setup?


Thank you for your help with my newbie request.


Sam Q.
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