[ros-users] Tutorials boxturtle Can they be installed for Latest

Mark Worsdall code.ros.org at wizdom.org.uk
Thu Jul 15 12:36:59 UTC 2010


I have Latest installed as using to help with another package:
Cheap Plug alert:-) http://tinyurl.com/35os2s8

Now I want to do my own package so thought best to download and install
the Tutorials but after following the instructions I got the following
errors which I assume are because the tutorials are for only boxturtle?

ros at jilldando:~$ ~/rosinstall -o ~/ros-tutorials
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/ros/rosinstall", line 326, in <module>
    sys.exit(rosinstall_main(sys.argv) or 0)
  File "/home/ros/rosinstall", line 310, in rosinstall_main
    config = Config(y, options.path)
  File "/home/ros/rosinstall", line 77, in __init__
    for k, v in t.iteritems():
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'iteritems'

I was going to try and do the above without the -o but did not want to
mess up my working ROS and shadow_hand installations, which are now
working on my debian squeeze box.

My first package is to allow ROS to send and get X10 info via the heyu
package http://www.heyu.org/ as it is extremely important for my robot
to have access to this world.

On my current setup I just have perl scripts doing the heyu stuff, very
simply stuff.

But this is for a later discussion, for now do I have to have 2
different ROS on my box?? (please guru's let the answer be no) ;-)


Mark Worsdall
http://www.shadowrobot.com/  need a hand??

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