[ros-users] Using hrl_tilting_hokuyo to get BAG or PCD files

Radu Bogdan Rusu rusu at willowgarage.com
Mon Jul 12 02:50:35 UTC 2010

Btw, fyi, we got new PointCloud2 and PCD visualizers in pcl_visualization (point_cloud_perception trunk). The 0.2 
release will have some neat examples on how to use that from your code. In the meantime, if you want to visualize PCD 
files (ascii or binary) just use the pcd_viewer from pcl_visualization.


On 07/08/2010 07:41 PM, Advait Jain wrote:
> Hi Sanja,
> The last time I did this was a some months ago and I have since moved
> it into a folder called old. However, it might work because I don't
> think the PointCloud message has changed.
> Here's where you can find the code:
> 1. display_3d_mayavi.py - Uses mayavi2 to display point clouds. This
> also converts the pkl to a numpy matrix.
> http://www.ros.org/wiki/hrl_tilting_hokuyo
> 2. look at the point_cloud_ros package in gt-ros-pkg
> The file point_cloud_ros/src/point_cloud_ros/old/point_cloud_utils.py
> has helper functions to go from a 3xN numpy matrix to a PointCloud
> object which you can then publish.
> point_cloud_ros/data has a pkl file that has a 3xN numpy matrix of a
> 3D scan from a tiltling hokuyo in our lab. You can use this to play
> with the code until you have your own tilting hokuyo set up.
> display_3d_mayavi.py might be the best point to start looking at the code.
> I don't have anything to go to a .pcd directly from python. Your best
> bet might be to publish a PointCloud from python and then use pcl to
> subscribe to it and save it as a .pcd
> Advait
> On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 2:20 PM, Sanja Popovic<sanja at mit.edu>  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is it possible to use hrl_tiltilng_hokuyo package to get .bag or .pcd files? I can see that it gives data in .pkl files so I would like to know what is the format of these files and how difficult it is to transfer them to .pcd.
>> Thank you in advance,
>> Sanja
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