[ros-users] simulator_gazebo 1.1.0 and pr2_simulator 1.0.2 released

John Hsu johnhsu at willowgarage.com
Tue Mar 16 02:01:43 UTC 2010


simulator_gazebo-1.1.0  has been released into latest.  This is a
development release it is recommended for users to keep using the 1.0 branch
in boxturtle.  If you are wondering see

The primary motivation of this release is a major rework of Gazebo's
underlying data structures (THANKS to Nate for his hard work in making this
happen!).  With this release, we are again near the latest svn revision of
the Gazebo project.  Some of the changes include:

   - loading of visual or collision mesh using assimp (enabling collada .dae
   meshes, no kinematics yet).
   - major rework of the physics portion to allow users the option of using
   Bullet or ODE as the physics/constraint solver.  Though expect
   debugged/working worlds with very simple setups only when using Bullet at
   this time.
   - support GPU shader (experimental per pixel lighting, normal maps for
   Ogre 1.7).
   - gazebo::Body updates using callbacks.
   - some gui interface improvements:
      - you'll have to hold on to the control key while mouse-click-drag to
      modify Model pose or external forces on Bodies, other wise
      simply adjusts view camera pose.
      - Model list and information now on the left side of the gui window.

pr2_simulator 1.0.2 release allows for compatibility with simulator_gazebo
1.1.  In particular, macro gates such as:
    sim_start_  = Simulator::Instance()->GetSimTime().Double();
    sim_start_  = Simulator::Instance()->GetSimTime();
allowing the plugin codes to be compatible with both simulator_gazebo
pre-1.1 and 1.1 release.

If you are interested in the details feel free to take a look at the code.
Feedback is always appreciated.


For the full changelist see
http://www.ros.org/wiki/simulator_gazebo/ChangeList and
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