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Radu Bogdan Rusu rusu at willowgarage.com
Mon Mar 15 15:51:24 UTC 2010

Hi Andreas,

The easiest thing to do is to update your ros-pkg and wg-ros-pkg trees. I am trying to slowly deprecate 
point_cloud_mapping, though it might take at least half a year before we succeed in doing that, given that it's used by 
a lot of packages at the moment.

The replacement for point_cloud_mapping is PCL (Point Cloud Library), which is part of the point_cloud_perception stack. 
The problems that you are seeing is because:
- the stack got moved from wg-ros-pkg into ros-pkg
- the name of the packages ANN and FLANN changed to ann and flann, to be more consistent with the rest of ROS

The solution is to either update ros-pkg or checkout 
https://code.ros.org/svn/ros-pkg/stacks/point_cloud_perception/tags/latest somewhere in your package path.

There was a recent discussion regarding the swissranger driver, and I believe a few people that are actively using 
SwissRanger cameras have improved the driver a bit, and will release those versions soon. When that happens, we will 
deprecate the old driver to avoid confusion.

Let us know if you have any other problems, and we'll be glad to help.

PS. You can always try the nabble search functionality when our mail archive doesn't work. :)


Andreas Hermann wrote:
> Hi ROS-Users,
> I am new to ROS. I got our labs Hokuyo-scanner to work with ROS within 
> minutes but got stuck with problems while trying to use a Swissranger 4k.
> The problem is that I don't find a way to include external libs, namely 
> ANN, FLANN and cminpack which are required by point_cloud_mapping.
> Could someone give me a hint about the basics... Do I have to create a 
> package manually and fill in the sources from the downloaded ANN/FLANN 
> archives? Where is rosmake searching for the built libs? Or did I miss 
> something and rosdep is able to install this stuff automatically?
> Has perhaps someone used the swissranger-driver-wrapper from Radu Bogdan 
> Rusu? It uses messages from deprecated-msgs that I replaced by 
> sensor_msgs. But it needs the mentioned external packages. I would of 
> course contribute the updated driver, if I get it to work.
> Perhaps this toppic was already discussed here, but the search 
> functionality of the archive at https://code.ros.org/discuss/ros-users/ 
> seems to be broken (?). Also the link on the
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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