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Vijay Pradeep vpradeep at willowgarage.com
Wed Mar 31 17:28:31 UTC 2010

Hi Ugo,

I'm guessing this line isn't doing what you want it to:
* <param name="joint_states" value="/joint_states"/>*

This should probably instead be a <remap> tag, since joint_states is a topic
and not a parameter.  You could also potentially get rid of this line
entirely, assuming that nothing has been pushed into namespaces.  That is,
"joint_states" and "/joint_states" resolve to the same name for nodes in the
"/" namespace.


On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 10:22 AM, Wim Meeussen <meeussen at willowgarage.com>wrote:

> > I don't understand what those 2 lines are for in the tutorial:
> > <remap from="robot_description" to="different_robot_description" />
> > <remap from="joint_states" to="different_joint_states" />
> These two lines are optional, to make the robot state publisher read
> the robot description from a different parameter, or to listen to
> joint states on a different topic. But since you are using the default
> names, you won't need these lines.
> Your launch file looks good. If the callbackJointState is never
> called, this probably means the robot state publisher is not connected
> to your joint state publisher. You should try some of the ros tools to
> verify which topics are connected:
>  * rostopic info /joint_states  --> This will show all the nodes that
> are publishing/subscribing to this topic
>  * rxgraph --> This will give a graphical representation of the ros network
>  * rosnode info robot_state_publisher --> This will show all topics
> used by the robot state publisher
>  * roswtf --> This will tell you about problems (such as unconnected
> topics) in your system
> Also, when you are running nodes, make sure you are running rxconsole.
> Not all user feedback gets printed to the terminal and you might be
> missing some useful feedback.
> Wim
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