[ros-users] URDF Gazebo problem

Andreas Vogt andreas.vogt at dfki.de
Thu May 6 07:29:40 UTC 2010

Can anyone give me a short example (with one or two joints) how to use  
URDF together with gazebo?
There are a lot of examples for the pr2 robot but no example how to  
start with a simple and small system from the scratch.
I have a robot description in xml. I did all the parse and checking  
stuff described in the tutorials. But now I want to read and write  
angles to these joints which are described in the XML file and want to  
see the movements in the simulation. How can I do that?

Thanxs for any help

I spawn the XML model of the robot sucessfully into gazebo but when I  
start rviz all the tf's are missing.

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