[ros-users] Run error in Bublebee_xb3

sh2723 at columbia.edu sh2723 at columbia.edu
Wed May 12 21:59:25 UTC 2010

Hi Morgan,

When I tried to run bumblebee_xb3_test, there was an error as followings.

joseph at tonga:~/rospkgs/cameras/bumblebee_xb3$ ./bumblebee_xb3_test
Using camera "Point Grey Research BumbleBee"
libdc1394 error: RAW1394 failure: in _dc1394_format7_set_color_coding  
(format7.c, line 195): Format7 color coding setting failure

libdc1394 error: RAW1394 failure: in dc1394_format7_set_roi  
(format7.c, line 799): Unable to set color_coding

[FATAL] 1273700415.527175000: Could not set ROI
[FATAL] 1273700415.527271000: BREAKPOINT HIT
	file = /home/joseph/rospkgs/cameras/bumblebee_xb3/bumblebee_xb3.cpp

Trace/breakpoint trap

I think the code below seems to make a trouble.

err = dc1394_format7_set_roi(cam, DC1394_VIDEO_MODE_FORMAT7_3,
                                5000,0,0, 1280, 960); //4000); //4096);

Should I change color code? I'm testing bumblebee2. I commented out  
dc1394_video_set_operation_mode setting DC1394_OPERATION_MODE_1394B  
and set iso as ISO_SPEED_400. Is there any possibility for those  
change to affect to make the error above?


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