[ros-users] ROS basics

Narasimhan Rajagopal narasimhan1990 at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 23 07:53:29 UTC 2010

I am installing ROS at present. i'm totally new to ROS and am not used to the commands in ubuntu. i have previously worked with avrstudio which had a simple 3 step procedure
1. write proram in c or any other language
2. compile, debug and build it
3. connect the microcontroller to pc and burn

so i need a few simple sample programs to start with ROS and a step by step procedure of how to complie build and execute/burn the programs.

my 1st project is to move a simple robot using ROS and my 2nd project is to control a robot arm using ROS. and the deadline to complete my 1st project is june 5th. so i need to get started right away. and thanks for clearing my childish doubts

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