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pratyush jalan pratyush.jalan at gmail.com
Wed May 5 02:50:21 UTC 2010

Hi John

Thanks for the quick reply.

1) Yes, I am using heightmap. What should I use to use color image for the
world ?

2) No I did not hit Ctrl+C. For running the pr2 robot, I first run the
roslaunch gazebo_worlds empty_world.launch  then on another terminal
roslaunch pr2_gazebo pr2.launch
then on another terminal I run my C++ controller code( which basically sends
velocity commands by publishing to the specific topic).
This works great.

But for the simplecar.model when I launch...it gives the specific message I
sent in the earlier email and then by itself it return to the command prompt
( this does not happen when running pr2). heres the following content of my

<param name="simplecar" textfile="$(find
gazebo_worlds)/objects/simplecar.model" />

  <!-- push urdf to factory and spawn robot in gazebo -->
  <node name="spawn_simplecar" pkg="gazebo_tools" type="gazebo_model"
args="-p simplecar -x -5.5 -y -3.5 -z 1  -R 0 -P 0 -Y 0 spawn simplecar"
respawn="false" output="screen" />



On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 10:23 PM, John Hsu <johnhsu at willowgarage.com> wrote:

> Hi Pratyush,
> On Tue, May 4, 2010 at 7:04 PM, pratyush jalan <pratyush.jalan at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> 1) I am trying to create my own world file for Gazebo but when I launch my
>> world it gives an error that the "Image is not grayscale". I created a
>> simple image in paint with a white background and a path with black color. I
>> tried using different colors as well but I get the same error each time. Can
>> you suggest what might be the problem ?
> Please clarify the context... are you trying to use a heightmap?  If so,
> the image needs to be saved as a grayscale image (single channel).  Note
> that this is not the same as using a color image (multiple channels) with
> black and white colors.
>> 2) I am trying to run my controller code on the simplecar.model but the
>> problem is the car does not move.
> are you using the pr2 mechanism controller stack?  If possible, please post
> relevant world/model/launch files, to help with the debugging process.
>> My code works for the pr2 robot (pr2_simulator). I am able to spawn the
>> object in the Gazebo simulator. I get the following message when I spawn the
>> object -:
>> core service [/rosout] found
>> process[spawn_simplecar-1]: started with pid [3814]
>> [ INFO] 37.267000000: waiting for gazebo factory, usually launched by
>> 'roslaunch `rospack find gazebo`/launch/empty_world.launch'
>> [spawn_simplecar-1] process has finished cleanly.
> log file:
>> /home/stk/.ros/log/8f48d09e-57c6-11df-91b7-0024e82035d7/spawn_simplecar-1*.log
> looks fine so far...  Did you hit ctrl-c here?
> thanks,
> John
>> all processes on machine have died, roslaunch will exit
>> shutting down processing monitor...
>> ... shutting down processing monitor complete
> done
>> Is this an error code ? I wasn't sure because the object is still getting
>> spawned in the simulator.
>> Thanks.
>> Pratyush
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