[ros-users] Standard GPS Message

Mike Purvis mpurvis at clearpathrobotics.com
Fri May 28 00:25:26 UTC 2010

I'm interested in the common gps message, too. The messages in here look
excellent to me:


<http://www.ros.org/doc/api/gps_common/html/index-msg.html>And I'd find
useful a standard GPSWaypoint also.

As a new user of ROS, I'm finding it a bit overwhelming trying to know how
to use the gps_common message that's been proposed above. I've cloned
umd-ros-pkg, and I've found the gps_common package in the gps_umd stack...
but there's also the two relevant messages separately appearing in the gpsd
stack, independent of the gps_common packaging.

Should I just be copying the two files from msg to my own project/msg
directory, or should I be trying to place the gps_common package in some
centrally-located area, and creating a dependency on it? (How?)

Sorry to be such a noob about this, but I find the documentation regarding
project/directory structure a little confusing.

Mike Purvis

On 25 May 2010 11:27, Bill Morris <morris at ee.ccny.cuny.edu> wrote:

> On Tue, 2010-05-25 at 17:10 +0200, Markus Achtelik wrote:
> > I think, unfortunately except for the magnetic compass, attitude,
> > acceleration and angular rates are already covered by the imu- message
> > in sensor_msgs. As imu readings usually arrive/are needed at a higher
> > rate than gps, one would send duplicates of the GPS measurements and it
> > would be harder to determine a "real" new GPS measurement.
> I think the GPS message should only have data derived from the GPS
> sensor to prevent confusion.
> This reminds me of a debate we were having in the lab. Should there be a
> Pose1D message for the altitude information returned by an altimeter or
> should it send a PoseWithCovariance message and use the covariance to
> mask out the unused portions.
> Also is there a reason the Odometry message does not contain
> acceleration information?
> Does the navigation stack seem like a reasonable place to put the code
> for calculations?
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