[ros-users] Rosmake depends problem with flann

garratt garrattgallagher at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 21:44:14 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm using the flann library in PCL.  I recently came across a rather
annoying phenomenon:  opencv also includes a version of flann that is
similar enough to not generate compile errors, but causes segfaults when
I run code compiled with it.  When tracking down how I started using the
wrong flann, I realized that the cmake voodoo that is rosmake seems to
include a library by it's _last_ mention, rather than the first:

in my manifest file:

<depend package="pcl"/>
<depend package="depends_on_opencv"/>
<depend package="pcl"/>

fails, whereas:

<depend package="pcl"/>
<depend package="pcl"/>
<depend package="depends_on_opencv"/>

does not.

I could solve this problem in my case, because I owned all the manifest
files.  However, I can image a scenario where I need to include a
package that, through the dependency ordering causes my package to
include the wrong library.

Is my perception of the rosmake dependency inclusion process correct? If
so, maybe changing to a 'first inclusion' paradigm might be appropriate.


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