[ros-users] Driver PowerCube pr70

Aaron Martinez Romero aaronmartinezromero at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 17:08:41 UTC 2010


Somebody know if ROS have support for this motor, PowerCube pr70 ??,
I am traying with cob_powercube_chain, but I think that my motor is not
supported by this, because the command data that is sending not correspond
with the command data that could accept my motor.

I am trying of install  "schunk_powercube_controllers",


I have saw in the code the correct commands for my motor, but I cant install
it, Always I obtain a error when I compile it.

I attached two images.


Best regards.

Aarón Martínez Romero
Ingeniero en Informática
Tlf: 600 283 349
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