[ros-users] Firewire camera synchronization

Thomas Moulard thomas.moulard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 12:56:37 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,
I would like to start by saying that I'm sorry to ask a question that
seems to be quite recurrent on this mailing-list
but I didn't find the information I am looking for.

I am trying to run stereo_image_proc on two PointGrey Flea2 firewire
cameras connected on the same bus. There is no hardware (external)
The camera documentation indicates it is possible to get synchronized
images from theses cameras in this precise configuration.

However, it is currently not the case as I am launching two different
instances of camera1394_node to grab the images.

My questions are:

1. I would like to know what are the plans to support stereo pairs of
Firewire cameras?
I think many people use similar configurations and it is really a
shame that ROS does not work "out of the box" for this
as for all the components I have tested so far.

2. How should this problem solved?

I don't see any way to make stereo acquisition work with separate
components doing the grabbing as this is done
currently. Should a camera1394_stereo_node be written? Is it how this
problem should be solved?

Thanks a lot,
Thomas Moulard

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