[ros-users] OctoMap v0.8 released, octomap_mapping stack now in cturtle .debs

Armin Hornung HornungA at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Nov 26 15:07:50 UTC 2010

Hi Rene!

On 11/26/2010 11:39 AM, René Wagner wrote:
>> This coincides with the release of OctoMap v0.8, which the
>> octomap_mapping stack now builds on. Compared to previous versions, the
>> optimizations in OctoMap 0.8 significantly speed up map building and
>> queries on the map.
> That's excellent news. I'll see if I can test our code with the new
> release shortly. We've had performance issues in the past and had to
> resort to offline map-building. It would be great if we could do that
> online instead.

It should be a lot better now! We're currently also evaluating further 
speedups, though I don't know at which time they're ready and how much 
they will pay off.

> As you are probably aware of, we (Udo Frese's Realtime Vision Group here
> in Bremen) use OctoMap to build a volumetric map in our visual SLAM
> system developed as part of the SFB TR/8 A7 project. See [1] for a
> video.
Yes, I was aware of that and saw the video before. Really nice, 
especially to see it working on such a small scale and with all the clutter!

>> and if there are suggestions for further improvements.
> Have you considered using Eigen2/3 for vector/matrix/quaternion math?
> I would expect this to yield further performance improvements and it
> would relieve you from maintaining your own matrix/quaternion library.
We considered and discussed that just recently. It will definitely speed 
up at least the math-related parts!


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