[ros-users] pr2_gripper_sensor packages in gazebo

Jenny Barry jlbarry at mit.edu
Mon Oct 18 04:54:20 UTC 2010


Is it possible to use the pr2_gripper_sensor_* libraries in the gazebo
simulator?  Trying

roslaunch pr2_gazebo pr2_empty_world.launch
roslaunch pr2_gripper_sensor_action pr2_gripper_sensor_actions.launch

gives an ssh error for the second launch.  Changing the
pr2_gripper_sensor_actions.launch launch file to use the ROBOT
environment variable rather than default to pr2 lets it launch, but it
quits with the error

PR2GripperSenosrController could not find sensor named 'r_gripper_motor'

Checking the rostopic list, no /pressure or /accelerometer topics are
listed.  (/pressure topics can be created using the fingertip_pressure
package, but that does not appear to create /accelerometer topics)

Thank you,

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