[ros-users] Eclipse projects

Aditya Gadre agadre at vt.edu
Thu Oct 21 02:31:10 UTC 2010

I have a question about "make eclipse-project" command. I created a 
package which has a number of CMakeLists.txt files as follows -

gps (package_dir)
     - CMakeLists.txt ( with add_subdirectory(src) )
     - src (directory)
         - CMakeLists.txt (with add_subdirectory(gps) and 
         - gps (directory)
             - CMakeLists.txt (with add_library)
         - node (directory)
             - CMakeLists.txt (with add_executable)

When I run "rosmake gps", all CMakeFiles directories and other related 
CMake files are under the "build" directory as expected for an 
out-of-source build. However, when I run "make eclipse-project", then 
CMakeFiles directories, along with other CMake files are created in 
directories that contain CMakeLists.txt files. The ROS wiki mentions the 
work-around used by "make eclipse-project". Are all CMakeFiles folders 
created outside the build directory a result of this work-around?

- Aditya

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