[ros-users] Using rospack's C++ API

Peter Soetens peter at thesourceworks.com
Fri Oct 29 22:18:55 UTC 2010

Since more and more Orocos components are ros packages, we'd like to
support them in our deployment process. Orocos requires an
'import("packagename")' statement in order to be able to use a
component. We could then import that package's components + the
components of all its dependencies (we store components in
"packagename/lib/orocos" )

Against the advise of rospack's documentation, I'd like to make use of
rospack's C++ API. In particular, the ROSPack::get_pkg(string)
function in order to get the path to a package and its dependencies. I
understand that I'm acting on my own responsibility, but I'd like to
let you know that we're building tooling around it nevertheless.

There is only one issue with my cturtle .deb / Ubuntu 10.04
installation: rospack.h includes "tinyxml-2.5.4/tinyxml.h" while it
should include "tinyxml/tinyxml.h". So it doesn't compile. I have no
idea where it came from, but probably the packaging caused this ?

Is there a possibility to add a symlink in the tinyxml package or fix
the include ?


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