[ros-users] Using rospack's C++ API

Josh Faust jfaust at willowgarage.com
Fri Oct 29 22:27:38 UTC 2010

You should use the roslib package API instead:



On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Peter Soetens <peter at thesourceworks.com>wrote:

> Since more and more Orocos components are ros packages, we'd like to
> support them in our deployment process. Orocos requires an
> 'import("packagename")' statement in order to be able to use a
> component. We could then import that package's components + the
> components of all its dependencies (we store components in
> "packagename/lib/orocos" )
> Against the advise of rospack's documentation, I'd like to make use of
> rospack's C++ API. In particular, the ROSPack::get_pkg(string)
> function in order to get the path to a package and its dependencies. I
> understand that I'm acting on my own responsibility, but I'd like to
> let you know that we're building tooling around it nevertheless.
> There is only one issue with my cturtle .deb / Ubuntu 10.04
> installation: rospack.h includes "tinyxml-2.5.4/tinyxml.h" while it
> should include "tinyxml/tinyxml.h". So it doesn't compile. I have no
> idea where it came from, but probably the packaging caused this ?
> Is there a possibility to add a symlink in the tinyxml package or fix
> the include ?
> Thanks,
> Peter
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