[ros-users] log4cxx dependency

Josh Faust jfaust at willowgarage.com
Tue Oct 5 20:38:13 UTC 2010

> Normally I would expect software to be updated if it doesn't compile
> properly with new gcc versions. At least in my case (gcc 4.4.3) it required
> a little patching. I know it is easy to fix but it does give a signal of not
> being maintained.

The compilation issues appear to be fixed in their svn trunk (for a couple
years now).  I agree it's annoying they haven't done a release.

> I understand your argument about using a library with available packages
> for the different platforms, and that boost log has some drawbacks here. I
> am very interested in hearing about other possibilities.

> My focus is more on cross compiling since I will be using ROS in commercial
> robot products. And I don't expect ROS to be build natively in these
> products. And in this case I found that log4cxx adds some unnecessary
> complexity, for adding such a "general" thing as logging.

This isn't a dependency that can change any time soon, due to backwards
compatibility and other packages using log4cxx to hook into ROS logging.
 We're happy to accept patches that conditionally provide a different
backend for rosconsole as long as it supports the rest of what rosconsole
requires.  Being able to remove logging entirely, or push it directly to
printf is another option.

Really though I'd recommend just using it -- it isn't that difficult to get
cross-compiling, and any other option (other than removing use of a 3rdparty
dependency entirely) is likely to cause its own headaches.

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