[ros-users] Communicating between two user created packages

Peshala Jayasekara peshala_24 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 02:42:25 UTC 2010

Hi Billy,

Thanks for your reply.
Now, I am having a linking error where I want to use a class from packageX in 
I did

    <cpp cflags="-I{prefix}/include"/></export>

in the manifest.xml of packageX
<depend package="packageX"/>
in the manifest.xml of packageY

#include <packageX/X.h> works fine with no compilation errors but
having a linking error.

undefined reference to `my_namespace::X::X()`

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance

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hi Peshala,

This is very simple, say you have packages packagex and packagey

And have designed messages in either of them, or even both

Say you have a message X.msg in packagex and want to use in packagey

in the manifest.xml of packagex, you need to add the following line

    <cpp cflags="-I{prefix}/msg/cpp/"/>

then in manifest.xml of packagey you need to add the following line

<depend package="packagex"/>

The you should be set. To use the message in the cpp code all you need to do is 
now include the message headers as

#include <packagex/X.h>

and proceed to use it in the code. For python you will just need to use 'from 
packagex import *'

There are also a number of tutorials online which explain this.

Have fun


On 5 October 2010 09:49, Peshala Jayasekara <peshala_24 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear all,
>How can we communicate between two user created packages using a user created 
>ROS msg?
>When I referred the tutorials, it only provides a scenario when the two 
>executables (publisher and listener) are in the same package.
>Do we have to create the same msg in both the packages?
>Also, I'm having trouble figuring out how to include headers from a user created 
>package to another package. 
>Any advise would be greatly appreciated, since I'm a beginner.
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