[ros-users] Upgrade from box turtle to cturtle

Barton M barton_m at rocketmail.com
Tue Oct 26 00:48:38 UTC 2010


I installed pre-compiled version of boxturtle on ubuntu 
I also installed some of the nodes separately : teleop_base, 

I want to make sure that there should not be any conflict between boxturtle and 
cturtle. Thats why I want to clean everything and then install cturtle.


From: Barton M <barton_m at rocketmail.com>
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Sent: Mon, October 25, 2010 5:22:14 PM
Subject: Upgrade from box turtle to cturtle

Hey all,

I am new to linux as well as ROS. I had installed lot of nodes and boxturtle 
earlier. Now I want to upgrade it to Cturtle.

I want to know how to remove boxturtle completely along with separate nodes I 



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