[ros-users] Simple navigation with USB-WebCAM

Christian Mock christian.mock.chrimo at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 27 19:16:05 UTC 2010

Hello ROS-Community,

I'm a total beginner using the amazing ros-environment...
In the past, I've coded a lot of routines at simple ARM-based systems (Lego
NXT and ARM9 Linux) using C and Lua.

Last weekend I've made some tests with the brandnew rosnxt package and I had
much fun with this Lego Gimick ... it works with ROS ! :-D

Now, I'd like to start with a new platform (Ubuntu & ROS) and have some
rookie questions to the community:

For me it seems that ROS needs expensive rangefinders... True ???
Or is it possible to use cheap stereo USB-CAMs for basic navigation ?

Any suggestions how to use ROS without SICK or any other expensive lasers ?

Thanks in advance


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