[ros-users] Does ROS support for CyberGrasp interface?

Jiyoung Kim lutgardis.kim at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 07:07:09 UTC 2011

Hello, all.

It appears that ROS I/F for Cyberglove is available. (

This I/F will be very helpful for those who use Linux system to integrate
the CyberGlove series.

*I am wondering if ROS also supports for I/F for CyberGrasp system*.

CyberGrasp system consists of CyberGlove, exoskeleton module, and Force
Controller Unit(FCU).

The FCU communicates with external user PC through ethernet.

This is somewhat different from CyberGlove which uses serial port or USB.

CyberGrasp is mentioned in Ros Wiki page (

However, it is not clear that I can make the system to work with ROS without
VirutalHand SDK which only support for Windows XP.

In addition, I am wondering whether "sr_remappers package" considers the
connection between FCU and Linux user PC

or direct connection to user PC with cyberglove and cybergrasp acuators.

Hope you can give me some hints.

Best regards,

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