[ros-users] Test rosjava

Juan Antonio Breña Moral bren at juanantonio.info
Sun Apr 24 07:04:57 UTC 2011

Good morning,

Yesterday I was reading the URL about rosjava,

because I wanted to create a node in java for ros and I was navigation 
in ros's file system.

wiki says that it is necessary to download latest support for java:

git clone -b cturtle_released git://code.in.tum.de/git/client-rosjava.git

But I would like to know in what folder it is necessary to download:

$:/opt/ros/cturtle/ros$ ls
3rdparty  CMakeLists.txt  LICENSE   rosdep.yaml  std_srvs
AUTHORS   config          Makefile  stack.xml    test
bin       core            README    std_msgs     tools

Many thanks in advance

Juan Antonio

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