[ros-users] [Ros-developers] Fwd: rosinstall refactoring

Thibault Kruse kruset at in.tum.de
Wed Aug 10 21:22:55 UTC 2011

Sorry for me being slow on REP 110.

I updated the REP document still on

For now I suggest in the REP to use rosws as name. I cut down the 
diverse commands init, update, add, remove, ... to just install. Which 
makes the REP look a bit silly, as I list 18 use cases most of which now 
are served by "manually update your .rosinstall, then run 'rosws install .'"

To reduce the wait time for the features I might, if Tully agrees, 
provide status, diff, info as -- options in rosinstall as it is, then 
the REP would really just change the syntax, not introduce features.


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