[ros-users] md5sum error: assimp--2.0.863-sdk.tar

.: jvr :. jevira at arkipelagos.net
Tue Dec 27 18:12:33 UTC 2011


my first question/problem...

i'm trying to install rviz on a debian squeeze ...
as a dependence i need assimp

root at pegoti:/opt# rosdep install assimp
ERROR: md5sum check on
failed.  Expected 2ed0b9954bcb2572c0dade8f849b9260 got

i've downloaded assimp--2.0.863-sdk.tar:

jvr at pegoti:~$ md5sum assimp--2.0.863-sdk.tar
e8a0f55af2fe604efa9d0623422b3291  assimp--2.0.863-sdk.tar

if i tried to extract it directly:

jvr at pegoti:~$ tar xvf assimp--2.0.863-sdk.tar
tar: Skipping to next header
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

i've done the process several times...
and i always get the same results, also the md5sum,
not as in:

perhaps there is something wrong with this tar file?

thanks for your time...
and of course thanks for all your great work!


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