[ros-users] [PCL-users] Minimizing compiler memory, package pcl_ros

Jochen Sprickerhof pcl-users at jochen.sprickerhof.de
Thu Feb 24 13:33:01 UTC 2011

* futureignobel <futureignobel at gmail.com> [2011-02-24 14:22]:
> Hi,

Hi Tom,

> does anybody know, how to minimize the memory needed for gcc/g++ to 
> compile a particular package? I'm trying to compile the pcl_ros package 
> on a BeagleBoard-xM, but the compiler crashes each time because the 
> cc1plus process is being killed due to low memory (BB-xM has 500MB of 
> RAM). I've read a lot about this already, but found no solution. I've 
> already been able to compile openni and flann (which also caused errors).

why don't you cross compile it on your workstation?

> The only thing I'd like to try out and wasn't still able to is adding a 
> "-finline-limit 600" (the number here may differ) compiler flag, as I 
> don't know how to use the rosbuild_add_compile_flags(target flag) macro 
> in case of flags with values.
> Any help would be appreciated. I think being able to use Kinect on an 
> ARM based board would be great and the effort is well worth it. Among 
> small single board computers, ARM based boards cost 10 times less than, 
> for instance, the AscTec Atom with similar capabilities.
> Also, if anyone out there has got a PandaBoard and would like to check 
> whether what I've found out so far works with it, please let know.
> Cheers, Tom

Cheers, Jochen

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