[ros-users] Merging Player with ROS

nduduzokhumalo at yahoo.com nduduzokhumalo at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 07:24:20 UTC 2011

Hi, Sebastian. I have a robot, erratic mobile robot and already have written the control algorithm to patrol the corridor and do all sort of things, but all this works in player. i had trouble with Player but i finally fixed it and wouldn't like to changed anything there. now I have installed ROS and want to use my code in ROS as I want to use an X-Box Kinect and URG LASER range finder, but I want to know how did you merge PLAYER and ROS, without you changing you player/stage? what did you change on your ROS CMakeLists.txt in order to use the Player/Stage package that is external to ROS? Can you plz send me a copy of yourCMakeLists.txt? What version of PLAYER & Ubuntu are you using? 

Kind regards

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